Room 1: Happy Feet
Ratio: 1:3

Babies & Wobblers Service (4months – 1year)
Full Day 8am to 6pm
Part Time 8.00am to 12.30pm
Part Time 1.30pm to 6.00pm

Aistear Babies

The baby/wobbler room caters for children aged from four months to one year. The adult to child ratio in this room is high and we provide a personal level of care that each child needs. Each child is allocated a key worker who is available to talk to parents/guardians about the child’s routine. Activities in this room include singing/storytelling, messy play, water/sand, treasure baskets, outdoor activities and much more.

Babies have limited independent movement so our practitioners will ensure the activities are centred on their developmental needs through the introduction of multiple textures, sounds and tummy time (floor work that supports a baby develop fine and gross motor skills). There is a separate sleep room at the Centre monitored by 5 to 10 minute checks and by audio system.

 This room is structured around a series of age appropriate activities rather than strict compartments of time due to the mobility and developmental needs of the children. Activities would be sound and textural based play.

A typical day might include:

Sand play, construction, art play: finger painting, sponge painting, potato prints, glitter pictures, role play, music & movement and hide and seek. Dinner is generally given to children at 12 pm in this room but this is flexible based on the individual needs of babies.