The Centre’s curriculum is an Aistear (the Early Childhood Curriculum Framework) based curriculum which focuses on the development and well being of every child. The curriculum provides a wide range of activities and works across four over reaching themes; ‘Communicating’, Exploring & Thinking’, Well-Being’ and ‘Identity & Belonging’. Within each theme are an identified number of learning opportunities designed to provide a comprehensive set of goals. Photographs will regularly be displayed on the Centres Aistear Board, providing parents/guardians with information how each activity relates to the development of their child within the themes mentioned above.

Our curriculum is continuously developed. All of the children’s activities are planned based on our observations of their interests and needs rather than a pre-planned adult led curriculum. We will guide the children towards topics that we believe will interest them and we will also introduce topics based around seasons, holidays, significant events in all children’s lives etc. As such our curriculum is planned within each room generally in the previous month to allow for it to be changed and adapted to suit the children’s needs. Each day we will endeavour to introduce new experiences to your child.

Crumlin Childcare Centre has a play based curriculum that is guided by our National Curriculum frame work Aistear. Our play based curriculum follows on the interests of the child to support learning and development. Through play children will become competent learners and develop a strong sense of self and a positive disposition to learning. Crumlin Childcare will provide opportunities for the child to engage in and explore their environment through messy play, outdoor play and child led experiences. Staff will support the child to engage in making positive decisions while encouraging respectful relationships with children and their families attending the centre.  Crumlin Childcare acknowledge that parents are the most important people in their children’s early lives, and through partnership with parents we encourage their involvement and engagement with staff, in deciding their child’s care and education where appropriate within the centre.