How to Book:

Make an appointment to visit the Centre and complete a ‘registration form’ and associated paperwork.

Pay €100 to place your child’s name on our waiting list. (If there is no waiting list a place will be offered and a start date can be arranged for your child.)

Once a place has been offered 2 weeks fee must be paid (at the standard rate) as a deposit. This deposit will be held on your child’s account until they finish in the centre, providing notice is given. In the event of no notice being given the deposit will be retained by the centre. The first week/month of your child’s fees must also be paid in advance of them starting at the centre. Once a start date has been agreed for your child settling in visits with your child will be arranged the week before their start date.

If you wish to be placed on the waiting list a deposit equivalent to the first 2 weeks fee is payable (subject to terms & conditions).